17 noviembre 2008

Siddur Seder Ha-T'fillot (Forms of Prayer)

Recientemente el movimiento reformista en el Reino Unido ha sacado un nuevo siddur, Seder Ha-T'fillot (Forms of Prayer), alejado del Gates of Prayer del movimiento en EE.UU. El británico, hermoso en su diseño, ofrece algo más próximo a la tradición en cuanto a la estructura y el contenido, pero con los elementos que se esperan de la tradición judía liberal en cuanto a género, tikun olam...

Un excelente siddur para la sinagoga y también para casa repleto de comentarios sobre el porqué de los cambios y de textos para el estudio.

Tomado de Rabbi Warren Elf

The new Siddur, Seder Ha-T'fillot (Forms of Prayer), reintroduces some traditional material we have not used for a while and introduces some exciting new material. It has new prayers for various life events, e.g. on leaving home, for parents when a child leaves home (you'll have to read it for yourself to see if it's a prayer of relief or sadness), on retirement, during depression and for animal companions. There is also an expanded section of communal prayers for a wide variety of situations.

It contains more meditations; more study passages and more options for our daily, Shabbat and occasional services. Seder Ha-T'fillot also introduces transliteration in key sections of the Siddur to help those who struggle with Hebrew to participate more easily. I still strongly recommend that you learn (more) Hebrew if you do not find it easy to read, but the transliteration helps the accessibility to the service and key prayers.

Whether you want to use our new Siddur in the service or at home, I recommend you enjoy some time browsing through it to see its richness. I will be offering an opportunity to explore Seder Ha-T'fillot on Sunday mornings over the next few months and look forward to welcoming you to do this.

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