20 noviembre 2012

El Siddur UPB Sinai Edition se pone al día

Tenemos ya disponible la nueva versión del clásico Union Prayer Book, Ha sido revisado en profundidad durante los últimos años y por fin está disponible.

En este enlace, las primeras páginas

En este otro, la información por si queréis adquirir la edición en Inglés

Y estos son los principales puntos en los que se trabajado

We now present this newest edition of the Union Prayer Book,
entitled The Union Prayer Book Sinai Edition Revised. Added are
many of the traditional prayers that have become widely accepted in
Reform congregations. There are also a number of important
theological modifications which are unique to this new prayer book.

1. We have removed all anthropomorphic references to God, so as
to avoid conveying any physical imagery.

2. We have modified prayers that seem to ask for divine
intervention, emphasizing instead the conviction that people must
be God’s partners in turning our prayers and aspirations into

3. There is a long-standing Reform conviction that the Torah is not
a book written by God  (Torah mi-Sinai). Rather it is a book
written by inspired human beings about our people’s encounters
with God. In that spirit, we have changed the manner in which we
refer to the Torah, e.g. not “Your Torah” but rather “our Torah”
or simply “the Torah.”

4. In line with our awareness that almost all Reform Jewish
congregations today are diverse, we feel that a contemporary
Jewish prayer book needs to be as inclusive as possible.
Therefore, although we have retained the concept of the Jewish
people having a distinctive covenantal relationship with God, we
have made significant changes to any phrases that may allude to
the Jews being a chosen people.

5. In the same spirit, while preserving the basic sense that this is a
Jewish prayer book, we have moved in the direction of more
universal language so that most of the prayers are accessible to
people of many faiths

Parece que la dirección tomada va en la dirección del espíritu más auténtico del Judaísmo Reformista Clásico. En cuanto dispongamos del siddur os daremos nuestra opinnión sobre si se consiguiereon los objetivos.

Y la edición en Español? Trabajaremos para tenerla disponible cuanto antes.

13 marzo 2012

...until God changes Its mind

Judaism is noted for its chutzpah in its relationship with the creative force. The Torah describes a number of biblical events in which Abraham or Moses repeatedly argue with God until their point is made; that is to say, until God changes Its mind, so to speak. Moreover, biblical commentators depreciate Noah because he did not argue with God about the destruction of the world but meekly built the ark when told to do so. Clearly, the word of God in Judaism has never been viewed as a final decree but as divine intention that can be debated and in some instances reversed.
According to Kabbalah, the linchpin of our relationship with God is founded on the belief that human beings have creative capability to intervene in the "normal" course of events. One word, one gesture, or even one thought can change the direction of the creative process. This being so, we are led to conclude that human beings play a co-creative role. 

28 febrero 2012

Shechter faces German anti-Semitism
The Jerusalem Post
Kaiserslautern spokesman Christian Gruber says around five fans, of over 100 in attendance, chanted anti-Semitic slogans
By Reuter
Israel striker Itay Shechter was the target of Nazi salutes from fans of his own team Kaiserslautern during the German club’s training session on Sunday.
Kaiserslautern spokesman Christian Gruber said on Monday that around five fans, of over 100 in attendance, chanted anti-Semitic slogans while attending the session, a day after the struggling side suffered a 4-0 Bundesliga defeat at Mainz.
Shechter did not notice the incident, but Kaiserslautern informed the police and is looking for witnesses.
“There is no place for racism at Kaiserslautern. We will make sure that these guys are punished,” Kaiserslautern president Stefan Kuntz said.
“They are members of the hooligan scene who have been previously convicted and serve stadium bans,” Gruber added.

22 enero 2012

When you see a person suffering...

Because when you see a person suffering, you don’t say, “God runs the universe. God will take care. God knows what is best.” You do everything in your power to relieve that suffering as though there is no God

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman