13 marzo 2012

...until God changes Its mind

Judaism is noted for its chutzpah in its relationship with the creative force. The Torah describes a number of biblical events in which Abraham or Moses repeatedly argue with God until their point is made; that is to say, until God changes Its mind, so to speak. Moreover, biblical commentators depreciate Noah because he did not argue with God about the destruction of the world but meekly built the ark when told to do so. Clearly, the word of God in Judaism has never been viewed as a final decree but as divine intention that can be debated and in some instances reversed.
According to Kabbalah, the linchpin of our relationship with God is founded on the belief that human beings have creative capability to intervene in the "normal" course of events. One word, one gesture, or even one thought can change the direction of the creative process. This being so, we are led to conclude that human beings play a co-creative role. 

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