28 abril 2014

Felix Adler, el camino hacía un Judaísmo humanista sin Dios

" Judaism of the Future neglected to mention God even once.  It was a manifesto presenting Judaism as a secular religion of morality for all humanity, not just the closely guarded privilege of a Chosen People."

Dr. Felix Adler(1851-1933) was the Founder of the Ethical Culture movement. He was born in Alzey, Germany, the son of a rabbi, Samuel Adler. When Felix was six, his father was appointed head rabbi at Temple Emanu-El in New York City and his family immigrated to the United States. Adler earned his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in 1870, and already being regarded as his father's successor, he was sent to Heidelberg University to prepare for the rabbinate.
Upon his return to America his father’s congregation asked him to deliver a sermon from the pulpit.  That address, The Judaism of the Future, created a lot of talk because he had not mentioned God.  When asked directly if he believed in God, young Felix responded, “Yes, but not in your god.”  Thus ended his future at Temple Emanu-El.  But in that address were the seeds of Ethical Culture.
During the two years following, Adler taught Hebrew and Oriental languages at Cornell University. His outspoken attitude and his convictions drew the criticism that he was"dangerous" to his students, andhe relinquished the professorship in 1876.

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