25 septiembre 2017

Qué impide hacer Teshuvah

"Let me mention what our Sages said regarding this. Our Sages, zl, said (Yoma, Rif 6a): There are twenty-four things that impede one from doing teshuvah: They are: (1) causing ill will; (2) lashon hara;173 (3) one who is prone to anger; (4) one who entertains bad thoughts; (5) one who associates himself with the wicked; (6) one who habitually partakes of meals where there is insufficient food for its owners; (7) one who gazes immodestly; (8) one who shares in the spoils of a thief; (9) one who says/T will sin and repent.174״ Similarly, our Sages have stated in the Mishnah (Yoma 8:9), “One who says, 'I will sin and repent is not given the opportunity to repent. If he says, I will sin and Yom Kippur will atone' — Yom Kippur will not atone"; (10) one who honors himself at the expense of another; (11) one who separates from the community; (12) one who belittles his forebears and his teachers; (13) one who curses the community; (14) one who prevents the community from fulfilling a mitzvah; (15) one who turns his fellowman from the proper path to an evil one; (16) one who uses the pledge of a poor person; (17) one who accepts a bribe to pervert the judgment of others; (18) one who finds a lost object and does not return it to its owner; (19) one who sees his son corrupting his ways and does not protest; (20) one who partakes of the spoils meant for the poor, orphaned, and widowed; (21) one who disputes the words of the Sages; (22) one who makes false assumptions about another; (23) one who despises admonishment; and (24) one who mocks the mitzvos"

Rabbi Yonah de Gerona
 Shaarei Teshuvah. pp 87-89

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