24 mayo 2020

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Del libro 'a formula for proper living' de Abraham J. Twerski

23 mayo 2020

Siddur Olat Tamid

El siddur de Einhorn publicado en 1872

Una joya de la tradición reformista

Olat Tamid (Einhorn)


When David Einhord chose a name for his prayer book, he picked that of a sacrifice not to show that he wished for the reconstruction of Jerusalem, but rather that prayer should become our perfect offering to God. In composing Olat Tamid, Einhorn relied heavily on three earlier German Reform prayer-books, Hamurg Gebetbuch, Holdheim's Gebetbuch für jüdische Reformgemeinden, and Leopold Zunz's Die gottesdienstlichen Vorträge. Einhorn incorporated the triennial cycle of Torah reading which meant that Simhat Torah was celebrated every 3 years. He replaced some of the somber Ashkenazi hymns with more optimistic Sephardic piyutim and songs. One of his more extreme changes was to replace the shofar with a modern trumpet (or other horn) 

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Del libro 'a formula for proper living' de Abraham J. Twerski